Welcome to Silicon Valley Virtual Startup Accelerator. As a global technology leader in the areas of Modeling : Abstraction and Synthesis, Sankhya Technologies is offering this Startup accelerator for Silicon Valley businesses focused on creating new devices and systems using models.

What is Unique about SANKHYA Systems Accelerator ?

  • Focus on high probability of success for participants - target 51% or more, by picking startups focused on hard problems with medium to large global market opportunity.
  • Accelerate pace of startup innovation through access to cutting edge design technology platforms.
  • Help startups create functional system prototypes complete with web portals and mobile applications to increase traction with customers and venture capitalists.
  • Leverage extensive existing network of Sankhya in Silicon Valley to get startups connected.

Next Steps

Ready to signup ? To schedule a business call, write to research@sankhya.com